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Nov. 15 2012 / 5:37p.m. ET  
East Harvest, Trumbull, OH  
2012 Elections, Registration problem: Voter registered to vote but never received confirmation or voter card. Calling to find out how she can vote.  

Nov. 15 2012 / 5:30p.m. ET  
Cincinatti, Cincinnati, OH  
Polling Place: Board of Elections Office
2012 Elections, Registration problem: Voter was told she could not vote because she was not registered. Election official discouraged her from casting a provisional ballot because it would be thrown out due to her not being registered. She then asked to cast a provisional ballot, and election worker refused.  

Nov. 15 2012 / 5:24p.m. ET  
San Antonio, Bexar, TX  
2012 Elections, Registration inquiry: Voter realized on election day that his voter registration had expired in 2009. Voter wished to cast his vote by calling the voter hotline.  

Nov. 15 2012 / 5:22p.m. ET  
Dunwoody, DeKalb, GA  
Polling Place: Dunwoody Pines Retirement Community Center
2012 Elections, Registration problem: Voter was not on the rolls, and did not have a Georgia ID (still had CA ID). Voter had registered to vote in GA. After insisting, voter was able to have an electronic voter card created, but is concerned that other voters may have been turned away. She believes the ...  

Nov. 15 2012 / 5:15p.m. ET  
Seven Hickory, Coles, IL  
2012 Elections, Polling place problem: Voter arrived at polling place "a couple minutes after 8", and feels her right to vote was violated. Polls close at 8 pm in Illinois.  

Nov. 15 2012 / 5:09p.m. ET  
Lakefield, Lakefield, MN  
2012 Elections, Poll worker problem: Voter informed by election works that if the ballot was left blank for the "Marriage Amendment" that it would be counted as a "No" vote. Voter concerned that this violates Minnesota election regs/laws.  

Nov. 15 2012 / 5:06p.m. ET  
Coatsville, Chester, PA  
Polling Place: Kings Highway Elementary School
2012 Elections, Absentee voting inquiry: Voter requested information on how to cast an absentee ballot because he did not make it to the polls on election day.  

Nov. 15 2012 / 5:01p.m. ET  
Peoria, Creve Coeur, IL  
2012 Elections, Registration problem: None  

Nov. 15 2012 / 4:52p.m. ET  
Indianapolis, Lake County, IN  
Polling Place: Beveridge School
Followup needed  
2012 Elections, Polling place problem, Poll worker problem: Poll worker called to try and find a voters name in the rolls.  

Nov. 15 2012 / 4:48p.m. ET  
Granger, Granger, IN  
Polling Place: Harvest Bible Church
2012 Elections, Voting equipment problem: Paper ballot 'rejected' by machine b/c voter did not vote for all positions. A few were left blank. Poll worker put ballot on a shelf under the machine and said not to worry because it would be counted. Voter concerned about their ballot.  

Nov. 15 2012 / 4:39p.m. ET  
Terry Township's 4, 5, 27, IN  
Polling Place: Emmanuel Baptist Church
2012 Elections, Polling place problem, Poll worker problem: Poll workers told voter that doors would close at 6PM and that people in line outside would not be able to vote. Line's are long, even in the mid-morning.  

Nov. 15 2012 / 4:35p.m. ET  
Marion County, Marion, IN  
2012 Elections: County changed voting locations without notification. Lives in predominantly Af/Am area.  

Nov. 15 2012 / 4:32p.m. ET  
Indianapolis, Marion, IN  
2012 Elections, Registration inquiry: Registered 2-3 mos. ago. Never received confirmation. Wants to know if she is registered. Caller did not show up on the website.  

Nov. 15 2012 / 4:29p.m. ET  
Fortville, Hancock, IN  
Precinct: 26, Polling Place: Grandview Church of Christ
2012 Elections, Polling place inquiry: Caller wanted to know what time the polling place opens/if he needs an ID.  

Nov. 15 2012 / 4:27p.m. ET  
Ft. Wayne, Allen, IN  
2012 Elections, Student voting problem: Student is registered at her home address but is at school in Muncee.  

Nov. 15 2012 / 4:26p.m. ET  
Indianapolis, Marion, IN  
Precinct: PIK 012, Polling Place: Marquette
2012 Elections, Polling place inquiry: Also wanted to know the voting hours.  

Nov. 15 2012 / 4:25p.m. ET  
2012 Elections, Provisional ballot concern: Requested ballot via email, no response. Was told to use provisional ballot.  

Nov. 15 2012 / 4:24p.m. ET  
Roanoke, Huntington County, Huntington, IN  
2012 Elections, Registration problem: Voter registered at the Family and Social Services office. Voter was told he had not actually registered by the voter registration office. Caller reported that another voter who had registered at the FSS was also told that they had not registered.  

Nov. 15 2012 / 4:18p.m. ET  
Indianapolis, Marion, IN  
Polling Place: Wesley Church
2012 Elections, Poll worker problem, Polling place problem: Ballots were pre-initialed, but poll workers were denying that claim.  

Nov. 15 2012 / 4:16p.m. ET  
Drewsom, Dawson, IL  
2012 Elections, Registration problem: In Oct. 2012 voter registered to vote on; never received confirmation or voter registration card. is referring calls to Election Protection  

Nov. 15 2012 / 3:47p.m. ET  
Carbondale, Jackson, IL  
Polling Place: Carbondale Senior Adult Services
2012 Elections, ID problem: Voter was able to cast a regular ballot, but poll workers requiring ID from everyone.  

Nov. 15 2012 / 3:38p.m. ET  
Precinct: 36 - DuPage County, Polling Place: Pleasant Dale Park District
2012 Elections, Voting equipment problem, Polling place problem: Only 1 out of 2 machines working when the voter went at 6AM. Problem still existing at 11AM. There were long lines as well.  

Nov. 15 2012 / 3:36p.m. ET  
Steger, Will, IL  
Precinct: WIll County, Polling Place: Steger Community Bldg.
2012 Elections, Poll worker problem: Voter went to vote and poll worker told her that her voting location had moved.  

Nov. 15 2012 / 3:32p.m. ET  
Polling Place: Luteran Church at 5th and Filmore 46402
Followup needed  
2012 Elections, Poll worker problem: Called to say that her paralegal and paralegal's husband were not allowed to vote because they were not registered. Paralegal and husband were eventually found on the rolls and allowed to vote.  

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